Tech-guy at heart, wanna build things


A tech-guy at heart with business-oriented mindset.

Can talk and persuade. Can execute and follow-up.

Have a sense of design (UX).

Always want to deploy, promote and help people to realize the value-added of IT.

Passionate in consumer-facing products.

Experiences - LinkedIn

Market Development Manager at HP Vietnam (2011 - Aug 2012) - Channel Development, Sales, Marketing

IT Manager at P&G Vietnam (2009 - end of 2010) - Project Management, Capability Building, Business Intelligence

Software Engineer in Singapore (2006 - end of 2008)


Geek things I did


Web projects

ListenMe - Music sharing website, built on Symfony

iLuvSaigon - Minisite for those who love Saigon to post their stories, deployed on Google AppEngine



Simple tips for doing IT in a non-IT company

Project Management survival tips

Role of IT in corporate

Challenges of managing IT system in an MNC environment



Kể chuyện đi làm công ti nước ngoài (part 1)

A bit of selling commodities

Read data

Mis-read data

Other cool things





simzen85 at gmail dot com / 0939 250 208